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Retailer Testimonials:

"Your brand is now the top selling elderberry at this time" Ted - Health Trail Natural Foods - Newport News, VA

"You are not going to believe it, although I assume you are not surprised that we sold out of your product in less than a week." Patricia - Owner- Paul & Patricia Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Store - Westfield & Summit, NJ

"Whew, we have already gone through 19 bottles in one weeks time. This is crazy, I have never had anything sell this well EVER" Susanne - Owner - Natures Remedies- Greenwood, SC

"Well....bringing in the tonic was a good idea. We got it in yesterday and have already sold 5 bottles!! One customer saw it and was so ecstatic that she bought 3 bottles because she moved here, couldn't find it and she loves the stuff! Chuck - Owner - Grapevine Health & Nutrition- Newtown, PA